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Ozone Therapy in Miami, benefits on bodyKB Holistic LLC of Miami offers a holistic approach to medicine to residents of Miami and the Surrounding Areas.

The ability to achieve your optimal health and wellness potential is within your reach! At KB Holistic in Miami, it is our goal to inspire and guide you through that process!

Holistic medicine is a mix of the science (and art) of healing and care of the whole person. Your person isn’t just your body, it’s also comprised of your mind and spirit. Our holistic and functional medicine approach treats every individual as just that, an individual with different needs and goals. We provide our services and treatments with a relaxed atmosphere in a country setting of the Miami area.

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Ozone Therapy in Miami, FL

We are proud to provide cutting edge IV Ozone therapy in Miami with High Dose Hyperbaric Ozone, many times more effective and faster than traditional Major Auto Hemotherapy (MAH).

Ozone is a form of oxygen used by medical practitioners to promote a healing response in the body. When used by experienced practitioners, ozone therapy has wonderful potent healing properties!

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is an alternative medical treatment that introduces ozone to the body.

Ozone as an oxidizer has been used medically since at least the late 1800’s for a number of health conditions in humans. In the body, ozone therapy has been used to directly and indirectly enhance the immune system.

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Holistic Medicine Clinic in Miami, Florida

Miami sunset skylineIn addition to ozone therapy, we offer the following holistic alternative care:

We are proud to be a part of the Miami community. “City of Miami” is the second-most populous city in all of Florida and home to a diverse population that enjoy it’s vibrant offering of cultural, natural, and shopping destinations. The “Cruise Capital of the World” brings tourists from all across the nation.

With over 32,000 active specialist physicians in Florida, it can be hard to pick the best practitioner for your needs. What sets KB Holistic in Miami apart is Dr. Karen Bravo. She truly believes in helping her community. By using multiple assessment techniques and testing, KB Holistic provides you with a detailed assessment of your concerns to design a “protocol” to set you on your journey. By using a holistic approach to health and wellness, Dr. Bravo has become well known in the Miami area for providing excellent care. Just check out some of the 5 star reviews on Google.

KB Holistic is located just south of Quail Roost Drive (State Road 994) on SW 155th Ave. We are just a few miles south west of Zoo Miami, and approximately 10 minutes west off the Turnpike.

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