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Ozone Holistic and Alternative Medicine

Platelet-Rich Plasma and Ozone Therapies and other KB Holistic Services/Treatments for Natural Healing and Wellness


Initial Consultation* / Assessment and Plan (Applied to Any PRP Procedures)

Functional Health Report (FHR) / Labs

Comprehensive Lab Panels/ Functional Health Assessment and Recommendations. Price Varies with Panel Chosen.

FHR of Outside Studies / Per Date Functional Health Assessment and Recommendations

Follow Up Consultation / Ongoing Functional Medicine Patients

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Understanding your cellular mineral constitution is pivotal to your digestion, nutrient uptake, hormone balance and more


Radiofrequency (Heat Therapy) Therapy​

ThermiVa (for Women)
Reclaim, Restore and Revive Sexual Well being and Urinary Control with 3 relaxing, 30 min sessions, 4 weeks apart.  See the difference in one treatment!  Wonderful when added to the O Shot.  Ask for details.

Thermi Smooth
Smooth, tighten and firm under eyes and around lips.  3 treatments, 1 week apart

Thermi (for men and women)
Treatment for hemorrhoids.  3 treatments, 1 week apart.


PRP Procedures​

Vampire Facelift®


O-Shot® ( For Women )

Vampire Breast Lift®

Priapus Shot®  ( For Men )

PRP For Scar Therapy

Dermal Filler-Hyaluronic Acid

Trifecta (Vampire Facelift®, Vampire Breast Lift®, O-Shot®)

PRP Hair Restoration
(Women-one treatment recommended. Men- two treatments recommended 8 weeks apart)






Peyronie’s Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction ( ED ) Treatment

Female Incontinence Treatment

Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction

Musckuloskeletal PRP
Joints, spine, sports injuries





Ozone Therapy​

Prolozone (Ozone) Injections
For joints, spine, sports injuries

Major Auto Hemotherapy (MAH)
High Dose Hyperbaric Intravenous Ozone Infusion

Vaginal, Rectal, Ear

Cupping / Limb Bagging
Skin lesion therapy

Ozone Scar Therapy
Peyronies’​ and other scar conditions

Cosmetic Ozone
Ozone Mesotherapy for Face, Neck, chest, Other


Other Procedures/Products​

IV Nutritional / Vitamin Therapy

LED Light Therapy (In Light Wellness® Systems)- A stand alone therapy and also as complement to PRP and prolozone therapies.
Sold in multi treatment packages or purchase device for home use

Choose​ from: Vitamin, mineral, anti-wrinkle, anti-acne, anti-scar

PEMF Therapy-Complement to PRP and Prolozone Therapies



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